Jawan Movie Release Date 2023: जवान मूवी Trailer, Story, Cast, Tickets

Here, we talk about Jawan Movie Release Date 2023, its story, its cast, how to book tickets online before they go on sale, and how much they cost.

Arun Kumar “Atlee” is the author and director of the upcoming thriller/action movie Jawan, which will be in Hindi.

It is the fourth film in the SRK series, and Atlee and SRK Films are responsible for its creation. Shah Rukh Khan, Nayantara, Vijay Sathpati, and Sunil Grover are all in it.

Jawan Movie Release Date 2023: The movie is set to come out on September 7, 2023, in India. The Jawan movie will be the second one after King Khan’s controversial Pathan movie, which was released in January 2023.

The people who made the movie have chosen to show it all over the world in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. Shah Rukh Khan will be back on the big screen for the first time since his 2018 movie Zero.

Jawan Movie Release Date 2023

  • Genre: Action, Mystery and thriller
  • Original Language: Hindi
  • Director: Atlee
  • Producer: Gauri Khan
  • Writer: Atlee
  • Jawan Movie Release Date 2023 (Theaters): Sep 7, 2023
  • Runtime: 2h 45m
  • Distributor: Yash Raj Films
  • Production Co: Red Chillies Entertainment
  • Sound Mix: Dolby SR, Dolby Digital

Jawan Movie Story: Jawan Movie ki story kya hai

Jawan Movie Release Date 2023: जवान मूवी Trailer, Story, Cast, Tickets

A story about a man’s emotional journey as he tries to right the wrongs in society and get even with people from his past, all while keeping a promise he made years ago.

A fast-paced action movie in which he faces off against a horrible monster of a criminal who has no fear and has caused a lot of pain to many people.

On his way, he will meet an experienced female officer with high standards, whose emotions might get the best of her as she gets involved in this fight.

As his past comes up with him, he will need all of his strength and intelligence to get through the challenges and bring peace back to their world.

अपने रास्ते में, उसकी मुलाक़ात उच्च मानकों वाली एक अनुभवी महिला अधिकारी से होगी, जिसकी भावनाएँ इस लड़ाई में शामिल होने पर उस पर हावी हो सकती हैं। जैसे-जैसे उसका अतीत उसके सामने आता है, उसे चुनौतियों से पार पाने और अपनी दुनिया में शांति वापस लाने के लिए अपनी पूरी ताकत और बुद्धि की आवश्यकता होगी।

Jawan Movie Release Date 2023: फिल्म जवान में दीपिका पादुकोण और शाहरुख खान, जो जाने-माने सितारे हैं, एक बार फिर एक साथ नजर आ रहे हैं। खबरों में कहा गया है कि फिल्म जवान 7 सितंबर 2023 को आएगी। इस फिल्म में, शाहरुख ने दो अलग-अलग भूमिकाएँ निभाई हैं, और दीपिका पादुकोण ने स्मृति में एक कैमियो किया है। फिल्म में नयनतारा, विजय सथपति, सान्या मल्होत्रा और सुनील ग्रोवर भी हैं।

Jawan Movie Release Date 2023: जवान मूवी Trailer, Story, Cast, Tickets

जवान फिल्म का ट्रेलर कब रिलीज होगा

Jawan Movie Advance Booking Online

With his much-anticipated new movie, Jawan, Shah Rukh Khan is sure to stir up trouble at the box office once again.

The celebrity is back on the big screen after making a huge comeback with Pathaan, which made over a billion dollars and was a huge hit.

Now that the countdown has started, people can book ahead at a number of places. So, let’s look at the news for the United States!

अपनी बहुप्रतीक्षित नई फिल्म जवान के साथ, शाहरुख खान एक बार फिर बॉक्स ऑफिस पर हंगामा मचाने के लिए तैयार हैं। सेलेब्रिटी ने ‘पठान’ के साथ बड़ी वापसी करने के बाद बड़े पर्दे पर वापसी की है, जिसने एक अरब डॉलर से अधिक की कमाई की और एक बड़ी हिट रही। अब जबकि उलटी गिनती शुरू हो गई है, लोग कई स्थानों पर पहले से बुकिंग कर सकते हैं। तो, आइए संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका के समाचारों पर नज़र डालें!

Shah Rukh Khan and Atlee will work together for the first time on the new action movie. This is the first time that the star will work with Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi.

एल्बम के आने से पहले ही इसके बारे में बहुत चर्चा थी, खासकर पहले दो गानों जिंदा बंदा और चालेया के इतना अच्छा प्रदर्शन करने के बाद। फिल्म आने से पहले यह सब टिकट बिक्री में तब्दील किया जा रहा है। कुछ विदेशी बाज़ारों ने फ़िल्म रिलीज़ होने से लगभग तीन सप्ताह पहले, पिछले सप्ताह जवान के लिए आरक्षण लेना शुरू कर दिया था। यह किसी भारतीय फिल्म के लिए पहली बार था। लेकिन चूंकि शाहरुख अमेरिका, ब्रिटेन और मध्य पूर्व जैसी जगहों पर लोकप्रिय हैं, इसलिए निर्माताओं का यह कदम अजीब नहीं है।

Jawan Movie Release Date 2023: जवान मूवी Trailer, Story, Cast, Tickets

Jawan Advance Booking Collection worldwide

Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Jawan is off to a good start in the United States. According to US-based movie distributor Venky Reviews, the movie has already sold over 4,800 tickets, worth about $74,200, at 289 sites.

शाहरुख खान की फिल्म जवान ने अमेरिका में अच्छी शुरुआत की है। अमेरिका स्थित फिल्म वितरक वेंकी रिव्यूज के अनुसार, फिल्म पहले ही 289 साइटों पर 4,800 से अधिक टिकट बेच चुकी है, जिनकी कीमत लगभग 74,200 डॉलर है।

Jawan is Shah Rukh’s second movie of the year. It comes after Siddharth Anand’s spy action thriller Pathaan, which was a big hit. It made almost a billion rupees around the world. Jawan also stars Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara, Sanya Malhotra, and Priyamani. Shah Rukh is also in the movie.

Jawan Movie Tickets Booking

India is the first country to start taking reservations for Jawan. Earlier today, some multiplexes in Mumbai made it possible to book tickets online through BookMyShow.

There are places like PVR Icon (Lower Parel), PVR Luxe (Lower Parel), and PVR Infiniti (Malad). Many of these theaters’ seats have already been reserved because of all the talk and excitement about the action movie with Shah Rukh Khan in it.

In these multiplexes, you can choose to watch the movie in Hindi, Tamil, or Telugu, as well as in 2D or IMAX. Also, the BookMyShow website shows that more than 333K people are interested in seeing the movie.

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Jawan Movie Ticket Price: How much is One Movie Ticket?

Jawan Movie Ticket Price

  • Classic: Rs. 240
  • Prime:- Rs. 260
  • Recliner:- Rs. 330
  • Platinum:- Rs. 700
  • Platinum Superior:- Rs.900

The crowd really liked what they saw of this movie in the preview. Everyone must know that Shahrukh Khan’s movie Andaz is very popular. As soon as people heard when the Jawan trailer would be out, they were very excited to see it. Fans really liked how bold Shahrukh Khan looked in this outfit.

Shahrukh Khan Upcoming Movies

Jawan Movie Release Date 2023: जवान मूवी Trailer, Story, Cast, Tickets

Let us tell you that Jawan Movie Release Date 2023 is set for September 7, 2023, which fans are very excited about. After this, you’ll be able to enjoy Shahrukh Khan’s other movie, Donkey, to its fullest. Rajkumar Hirani is the director of this movie. Fans are also really looking forward to this movie.

Jawan Movie Budget

With the movie Pathan, King Khan came back to the big screen for the first time in almost four years. People anticipate that Atlee’s well-known South Indian film Jawan will perform well at the box office. The Jawan movie is said to have a budget of around Rs 200 crore, which is what we want to tell you.

Jawan Movie 2023 Details

According to Jawan Movie Release Date 2023 Details, the preview of Bollywood’s King Khan Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming movie Jawan came out on July 10, 2023. The video came out on August 31, 2023. Now, news has come out that the Jawan Movie Release date 2023 has been decided to be September 7, 2023.

The movie was made in Hindi first, and then it was translated into Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada. There is a lot of action and drama in this movie. Anirudh Ravichandra composed the music for the movie, and G. K. Vishnu handled the photography.

Jawan Movie Popular songs

Jawan Movie Release Date 2023: The buzz about the album before it came out was huge, especially after Zinda Banda and Chaleya, the first two songs, did so well. All of this is being turned into ticket sales before the movie comes out.

Jawan: Chaleya (Hindi) | Shah Rukh Khan | Nayanthara | Atlee | Anirudh | Arijit S, Shilpa R | Kumaar

Jawan: Not Ramaiya Vastavaiya | Shah Rukh Khan | Atlee | Anirudh | Nayanthara | Vishal D | Shilpa R

Jawan: Zinda Banda Song |Shah Rukh Khan |Atlee |Anirudh |Nayanthara |Vijay Sethupathi |Deepika

Cast of the 2023 movie Jawan

Shah Rukh Khan is an actor.

Vijay Sethupathi is an athlete.


Deepika Paduone

The name Priyamani

Sanjay Dutt is a famous actor.

Sanya Malhotra is a model.

Simarjit Singh Nagra

Mr. Sunil Grover

Yogi Babu

Amir Naik

Azz Bagria

Kanishk Mahawar

Manahar Kumar

Md Jubayer Mahamud

Mahamud Islam Raiful Sujon

P. Siddhpura


What is the Jawan Movie Release Date 2023?

On September 7, 2023, the movie Jawan will come out.

How much did the movie Jawan cost all together?

The cost of making the movie Jawan is Rs 200 crore.

Who were the main characters in the movie Jawan?

Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Nayanthara, and Vijay Sethupathi play the main characters in the movie Jawan.


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