Katha Ankahee upcoming twist: Viaan completes Katha and Aarav’s blissful family

Katha Ankahee upcoming twist, we see that Aarav Katha and Viaan have at long last turned into a cheerful family. Will Kailash and Tejji give them their endowments?

Katha Ankahee’s impending fair warning

In the most recent track of Katha Ankahee, we see that Viaan has at long last shown up with his mom at Katha’s home to observe Katha’s birthday.

Later on, that’s what we see; Kailash Garewal and his family likewise arrived there, and we see that they will fly off the handle since they saw Katha and Viaan together.

On the opposite side, Tejji (Bidisha Ghosh Sharma) will likewise not try to avoid panicking to see them together, and we see Tejji begin blaming Katha in front for Kailash Garewal (Gireesh Sachdev), and the two of them begin battling to safeguard Katha (Aditi Sharma) and Viaan’s picture.

We see their battles cross every one of the cutoff points, and Katha’s birthday will be destroyed due to their battles.

Later on, we see Kailash Garewal likewise blaming Viaan for catching Katha in his adoration; however, at long last, Katha stands firm for Viaan (Adnan Khan) and declares before everyone that she additionally cherishes Viaan; he won’t ever compel her to do this.

Indeed, we need to hold on to see the turn. What will Aarav do now?

Katha Ankahee upcoming twist

Katha Ankahee upcoming twist: Viaan completes Katha and Aarav's blissful family
Katha Ankahee upcoming twist: Viaan completes Katha and Aarav’s blissful family

In the impending story of Katha Ankahee, we see that Katha (Aditi Sharma) and Viaan at last choose to prepare their folks for their wedding. Later on, Katha Ankahee upcoming twist where Katha will likewise cause Aarav to figure out everything.

What’s more, we see that Aarav is feeling exceptionally glad that he at last gets his blissful family, which he anxiously needs to meet with Robin.

At last, Aarav and Viaan meet, where they get extremely close to home and embrace one another.

Indeed, watchers are additionally exceptionally glad to see this track on the grounds that, at long last, Katha and Viaan’s blissful family will be brought together.

Katha Viaan and Aarav: One family

Katha Ankahee is one of the top-running shows on TV, and viewers love this novel romantic tale between Katha and Viaan, otherwise known as Adnan Khan and Aditi Sharma.

What’s more, the most recent track will be extremely fascinating in light of the fact that we see that, at long last, Katha Viaan and Aarav have become one family.

We should hold back to see the impending track. Will Kailash Garewal and Tejji concur or not?

Aarav attempts to persuade Kailash Garewal

Katha Ankahee upcoming twist: Viaan completes Katha and Aarav's blissful family

Later, on the target of Katha Ankahee, we see that Katha and Aarav arrived at Kailash Garewal’s home to cause him to grasp everything.

However, we see Kailash Garewal didn’t pay attention to Katha’s words, and later on, Aarav attempts to persuade him. In any case, we see that Kailash Garewal believes some time should be spent thinking.

How about we find out what he chooses?

It very well may be conceivable that he will be prepared to give his endowments to them, since we might see that he will lament his past that he won’t give his approval to Katha and Aditya, so we might see that this time Kailash Garewal will make Katha’s wedding entirely vital.

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