Latest News about Karan Kundra: ‘Women have 30-60% orgasm rate during s*x,’ Karan Kundra Post

Latest News about Karan Kundra: Karan Kundra’s latest post about women pleasure has created a buzz in the social media.

When he played Arjun Punj in the TV show Kitani Mohabbat Hai in 2009, which made him famous, he first got a lot of attention.

Now, Kundrra is getting ready for his next movie, Thank You For Coming, in which he stars with the great actress Bhumi Pednekar. Watch complete news about the Thank You For Coming movie, trailer, release date and star cast.

Kundrra’s recent release of the movie’s new poster, which claims to shed light on women’s pleasure, has gotten people talking about this project.

Latest News about Karan Kundra: Karan Kundrra was so excited about his next project, “Thank You For Coming,” that he recently posted a sneak peek of it on Instagram.

This made the internet go crazy. On the new movie poster, Bhumi Pednekar looks like she is enjoying an obvious aspect of women’s pleasure.

Latest News about Karan Kundra

This gives the movie a mysterious appeal. What really got people talking, though, was Kundrra’s thought-provoking observation that women only orgasm 30–60% of the time during sexual encounters, while men usually climax between 70% and 100% of the time.

Latest News about Karan Kundra

This news caused a lot of talk among fans and a wider audience, making people even more excited for the movie’s release.

Karan Kundra recent News

Latest News about Karan Kundra: Kundrra’s decision to shine a light on such a personal topic has not only piqued the interest of his fans, but also made the movie a topic of conversation.

This shows that he has a talent for making stories that are both entertaining and make you think.

Bhumi Pednekar posted poster for “Thank You for Coming”:

The movie’s main star, Bhumi Pednekar, shared the new movie poster on her Instagram account to show how happy she was.

In her post, she also brought up a big problem: the difference in orgasm rates. Over 90% of men usually have an orgasm during sexual activity, but only about 50% of women do.

Who will marry Karan Kundra?

Karan Kundrra finally talks about when he and Tejasswi Prakash will get married. Karan and Tejasswi are one of the most popular TV pairs, and now the actor has announced that he is getting married to actress Tejasswi Prakash.

What is the age gap between Tejaswi and Karan?

The age gap between Tejaswi Prakash and Karan Kundra is nine years.

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